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MF Vengsøy
Ship Owner: Torghatten Nord| Delivered: 2011
MF Vengsøy - NSK Ship Design


On November 3rd, 2011, the MF Vengsøy, Remontowa Shipyard’s 611th build, was delivered to its final destination in Tromsø, Norway. Featuring a characteristic round bow and stern, panoramic windows, and comfortable seating, the ferry is sure to be a crowd-pleaser during the tourist-heavy summer months. Under the deck lies a powerful 900kW Caterpillar C32 engine. The Vengsøy replaces its predecessor, the Karlsøy, and will cover Torghatten Nord’s Belvik-Vengsøy service located just outside Tromsø. This build is one of four ferries scheduled to be delivered from Remontowa shipyard and is part of Torghatten’s recent efforts to renew its fleet. “May fortune and luck be with you and your crew”, said former mayor Britt Skinstad Nordlund during the christening of the new ferry.

MF Vengsøy - NSK Ship Design

Ship Owner: Torghatten Nord
Delivered: 2011

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