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MS Vikanøy
Ship Owner: Havbør A/S| Delivered: 2021
Vikanøy - NSK Ship Design

Information about MS Vikanøy

Fishing vessel named Vikanøy for Havbør AS has launched at Özata Shipyard on 17th of November.

Vikanøy is a modern purse seiner and Danish seiner fishing vessel designed by NSK Ship Design. 44.2 meters long and 11.5 meters wide vessel that carries live fish and stores them in refrigerated sea water tanks with 500 m3 capacity. Vikanøy has a new, modern factory on the main deck delivered by Melbu Systems.

Havbør A/S and NSK Ship Design have worked intensively together over the past couple of years, to create a concept that is considered by Havbør A/S to be both financially and not least technically very attractive.

The entire ship’s concept, and not just the propulsion system or winches, has been carefully assessed and calculated based on the company’s exact operating profile. It is the company’s stated goal to carry out sustainable fishing with minimal NOX / CO2 emissions per kilo of fish caught. This has resulted in a well-thought-out and well-calculated combination of new solutions and proven events, which together provide the most economical and climate-optimized project.

The new Vikanøy will operate on herring and mackerel as a purse seiner, switching to seine net gear to fish for cod, haddock, and saithe. The new vessel will have a processing deck, as well as RSW capacity and the capability of delivering live fish.

Accommodation is for a crew of up to ten. Vikanøy’s hull design is optimized for low fuel consumption and operating efficiency.

Watch the launch of MS Vikanøy below

Ship Owner: Havbør A/S
Delivered: 2021

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