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MF Rebbenesøy
Ship Owner: Torghatten Nord| Delivered: 2011
MF Rebbenesøy - NSK Ship Design


On September 24th, 2011, the MF Rebbenesøy was delivered from its construction site in Gdansk, Poland, to its final destination in Karlsøy, Norway, where it will be operating on local and regional ferry services. Rebbenesøy is the Polish shipyard’s first of two ferry builds and is also the first new build to enter the region’s ferry service since 2002.

Powered by two Volvo D16 engines, the ferry holds a maximum of 48 passenger and 16 cars. As an ode to the local communities and in a somewhat unconventional twist, the name was chosen through a local naming competition. The ferry is scheduled to run for a minimum term of 10 years. Rebbenesøy joins Torghatten’s fleet of 48 ferries and will most certainly become a trusted partner for locals commuting to and from the region’s industrial areas.

Ship Owner: Torghatten Nord
Delivered: 2011

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