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Havfarm 1
Ship Owner: Nordlaks|Delivery: 2020
NSK Ship Design - Havfarm 1

Information about Havfarm 1

In June of 2020 Havfarm 1 was delivered to Ytre Hadseløya in Vesterålen. It will contribute to reduce the climate emissions from Nordlaks. The stationary Havfarm 1 is supplied with electricity from land, and is served by our new hybrid well-boat, delivered at the same time.

Most of the operations is moved from service- and farming boats to the construction’s own track-barren service wagons. When finished, Havfarm 1 will be 385 meters long, 59,5 meters wide and have the capacity to host 10 000 tons of salmon.

It was built in China, but is a Norwegian-developed project. A majority of the suppliers were Norwegian. The Havfarm 1-project will build bridges between international companies, and will contribute to the development within the interfaces of maritime industry and aquaculture.

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