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FV Flobjørn
Ship Owner: Utvik Senior AS|Delivery: 2018
Flobjørn - NSK Ship Design


In March 2018, FV Flobjørn, replacing its predecessor Solskjær, was delivered from the Turkish shipyard Özata, to its Norwegian base at Senjahopen. The ship belongs to the category of small trawlers, clocking in just under 20 meters in length. The trawler will primarily be used for cod and halibut fishing. Powering this rather small vessel is a powerful Yanmar engine with a 610kW power output. On deck sits a 13-meter tall crane with a 440kg load capacity, allowing for transportation of large quantities of fish.

“It’s a rather small boat, and some might even call it a miniature trawler. But that’s probably meant as a joke”, says CEO Terje André Hansen of Båragutt AS, for whom the boat was built.

Ship Owner: Utvik Senior AS
Delivery: 2018

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