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Norwegian supplier of innovative ship designs

NSK Ship Design has consistently achieved successful results in the maritime market since its establishment in 1992.

NSK Aquaculture works with new and innovative solutions for both exposed and sheltered aquaculture. 

NSK Fartøykontroll offers inspection and certification for oil recovery, fishing, and cargo vessels operating below 15 meters, as well cranes and lifting devices of all weight limits and vessel types.


NSK Ship Design AS is an independent international ship design business, located in Harstad, Norway and Arkhangelsk, Russia. We focus on delivering innovative designs and engineering solutions with the best available technologies and performance.

The company was established in 1992 and has worked successfully on the maritime market ever since.

NSK is a fully equipped company, priding itself on offering highly qualified Naval Architects and Marine Engineers, all of whom focus on delivering projects in a professional manner.

Our services cover large ranges of vessels, offering solutions in all aspects of ship design and engineering, including project development and initial design. Our principle objective is to provide an outstanding level of service, and in the long run, to stand out as a market leader Norwegian ship design industry.

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